Founder Chairman

Dr. Krishnan Gireesh

  1. Past President — Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists, the national organization of the Clinical Psychology in Indian.
  2. More than 30 years in the fields of Practise and Training, Psychotherapy and Psycho-Social Management.
  3. Played a very proactive role in developing psychosocial models of human resource scenario in India
  4. Proven leadership credentials at state-level and national level, along with established academic excellence and global experience and expertise in behavioral science.
  5. Project cordinator in Various National & International Levels including National Mental Health Mission, India
  6. Faculty in clinical psychology including Medical college, Thriuvananehapuram & Cristian Medical college, Vellore National faculty-Child development centre (UNICEF)
  7. Advisor on Panel on several national & international body including CBSE,NCERT,National Disaster Management,Family court,National mental Health program(MSP),NBE
  8. Invited Speaker & trainer in International conferences & workshops on PsychoTherapy & behavioral Sciences Including Turkey, Nepal,Paris, France, Uk,USA,Nimhans,ETC
  9. Publications including hundreds Research papers on Psychotherapatics Management & book son counselling skills

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